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Sourcing & Aquisitions

We don’t claim to work by your side for nothing. Based on your requirements and long-term financial plans, our research analysts and wealth managers hunt down the best deals that meet our strict criteria. Our research and managing team is completely dedicated towards helping our clients decide their sourcing strategy and to be with them through all the phases of their investments. Our strategic sourcing team believes in providing invaluable insight and guidance to achieve the most effective and successful results.

Optamac only envisions one main goal – to leave no stone unturned in the perusal of profitable property investments for all our clients. Our expert Acquisitions Team boasts of qualified and experienced property professionals that scour the marketplace to bring back nothing but the absolute ‘best’ to our investors. After all the factors are considered, our team makes the best effort at negotiations to try and save hundreds of dollars for our esteemed clients. Another very important aspect of our services is that we provide our clients all the documentation and research data which no other standard real estate agent provides.