Compared with their global peers, prospective investors in Asia are demanding higher returns. – Emerging Trends in Global Markets, The Global Outlook from Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC).

At Optamac we provide a comprehensive range of investment portfolio services to our clients. Through strategic tie-ups with reputed offshore experts, we thrive to provide a seamless investment process, starting from identifying investment(s) to executing exit options for everyone, from a first-time player to a seasoned investor.

So whatever your funds, resources or needs, team Optamac will help you design a wealth creation process that takes you to your financial goals and eventually your life’s dreams.


Extensive Research
A global study indicated that property fundamentals scored highest in the list of factors influencing investment decisions of even the most experienced investors around the world. However we know that in an increasingly busy and competitive world, not all our clients may have the time to act on this important piece of advice. That’s why at Optamac we have a team of dedicated researchers and property experts who can see beyond the price and place of a single property. Working in sync with our team and partners from across the globe, we are able to give our clients the most up-to-date facts, figures, market trends and data from across the globe, enabling them to make accurate and well-informed decisions at all times.

Sourcing & Acquisitions
We don’t claim to work by your side for nothing. Based on your requirements and long-term financial plans, our research analysts and wealth managers hunt down the best deals that meet our strict criteria.

Legal & Taxation Advisory
Property due diligence, estate planning, dealing with tax laws and taxation processes, , making applications to financial institutions can mean an endless pile of time-consuming paperwork. But not with Optamac. With the help of our overseas partners and associates - including reputable tax lawyers, property consultants, managers and accountants, and expert property consultants - we streamline the entire asset acquisition and maintenance process for you, making it all as simple as possible.

Portfolio Planning and Review
Once you are associated with Optamac, you can get the advantage of working very closely with your own dedicated Portfolio Manager. From preparing your portfolio plan to reviewing the performance of your portfolio at regular intervals, your wealth manager will remain connected with you on a regular basis.

Property Management
From assisting you in finding tenants for your property for tenants to managing it on an everyday basis – at Optamac we are able to support you with several management services so that all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the returns on your investments.

Furniture Packages
We work with professionals that will install the furniture, hang paintings and take away the packaging, leaving your property ready to rent.