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Legal & Taxation Advisory

Property dealing, estate planning, dealing with tax laws and taxation processes, and making applications to financial institutions can mean an endless pile of time-consuming paperwork, but not with Optamac. With the help of our overseas partners and associates - including reputable tax lawyers, property consultants, managers and accountants, we streamline the entire asset acquisition and maintenance process for you, making it all as simple as possible.

Optamac, through its associates, provides across-the-board tax and legal advisory services, which lets you get rid of or minimize legal and tax related risks. Our expert team of professionals offers the best tax and legal advice to our clients. We provide assistance to clients in overseas real estate and other investments by rendering due diligence services, deal briefs and investment memorandums. These services are normally regarded as an indispensable part of the activity of making an investment or financing decision. At Optamac, we deliver services that assure fruitful returns to our clients.