Yes, every individual is allowed to remit funds offshore under LRS (Liberalised Remittance Scheme)
Liberalised remittance scheme is a scheme under which RBI allows an individual remit foreign currency offshore through Banks
It varies from country to country and based on property type. For more details please ask for personal meeting with our Relationship Manager
TEAM OPTAMAC facilitates, through its global strategic tie ups, in offshore property acquisition, offshore accounting and tax filing, property management, mortgage funding and asset sale. However if you still want to visit overseas, Optamac offshore team would be happy to assist you with your visit.
It is country specific. For more information on your interested country, please contact Optamac team
Offshore are regulated markets and the risk is minimal. Every country has their own stringent laws in trying to protect investor money.
It is completely transparent. You will be updated on each and every cost towards property purchase and registration and overhead costs like - solicitor fees, CA fees, property management, Electricity and Water, Strata costs and any other as and when introduced by offshore laws.
Your property manager services include the tenant management. Vacancy rates offshore ranges from 1% - 3% and it is country specific, hence easy to find tenants as compared to India where vacancy rates are much higher. You will know your property manager cost beforehand and will have a written contract with him specifying list of services provided by him
Yes you can, however it is recommended to be in touch through your property manager as tenant interacts with them on regular basis.
Property manager facilitates in property maintenance on your behalf. His responsibility is to look after your property. He interacts and visits your property on regular intervals and updates you on your property maintenance.
Optamac facilitates your purchase, management and sale sitting in India, our offshore team will definitely be assisting you for your visit to see your purchased property if you want to do so.

Note :
The above FAQ’s are generic in nature. Always ask for the latest update on regulations based on your needs and requirements.
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