Detroit Investment Property

Nobody knows Detroit like we do, having sold more properties in Detroit than any other overseas property company. The reason we have done this is because of the time, effort and the investment we have made. Our Broker in 2014 was awarded Broker of the year and the trend looks likely to continue in 2015. Detroit is a very complex city, knowing the right properties in the right areas is key to your investment success. That is what makes us different to a lot of other companies, we hire local staff who are from Detroit and know the city like the back of their hand. There are many companies selling in the US, especially in the biggest investment areas, who rely on third hand information.

Not only do we have our own private listings but we work with some of the major players in the Detroit housing market, we have exclusive agreements with leading Asset Management companies and financial institutions in order to get properties that are not readily available to the general public. All of this ensures that our clients get access to the very best properties the second they hit the market.

When you buy a property in Detroit it is not just about the initial purchase, many companies will promise you the world and then fall flat on their promises. It is very important you have the right connections in place to take your investment to the next level. We cover everything from property management, to council meetings, to securing your property and getting the right tenant in place. Finding you the right accountant to look after your tax returns and helping you understand the laws and regulations that are in place. On top of this we can also help you set up a LLC in any State in the US.

Detroit is an incredible city which we are passionate about, the people are great and there are many fantastic attractions to rival any other US City. Unfortunately there are many over night companies who are prepared to sell their clients the wrong properties in the wrong areas which has lead to some negative criticism. That is why if you want to invest in the number one investment city in the US you need to do it properly, you need to choose a company who are in touch with what is going on, know the market and can find you the perfect property.

Latest Detroit Properties

from $39,900

Rowe Street,

from $49,900

Middlepoint Street,

from $33,900

Heyden Street

from $33,900

Coyle Street

from $31,900

Roxbury Street

from $32,500

Rossini Drive

from $37,600

Birwood Street

from $44,900

Stoepel Street

from $39,90

Grandview Street