Buffalo, New York Investment Property

Buffalo New York offers one of the steadiest and most reliable property markets in the USA.Buffalo has a strong, consistent rental market, with steady growth. Buffalo was named number two in RealtyTrac’s top ten for investing and buying. The low cost of single-family housing and relatively high rents provide gross yields in excess of 20% on investment properties. The city has a heavy proportion of renters versus owners (57% of residents are renters versus 47% in New York State overall), which ensures a solid pool of prospective tenants

Demand for investment properties in the Buffalo region has soared due to the Buffalo Billion Dollar Investment Development Plan, this was developed by the Western New York Regional Economic Development Council (WNY REDC) at the request of Governor Andrew Cuomo.The plan encompasses an in depth analysis of the levers that drive Buffalo’s and the region’s growth within a global context. Buffalo is now one of the fastest growing cities due to its GDP, unemployment and the huge investments taking place into its education system.

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